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Sometimes seen as a small pop-up window in the lower right-hand corner of the screen welcoming visitors to the site — and offering up assistance or a help link on the contact page — these smart technology bots have traditionally been utilized by retailers for customer service-related issues.

Within the past year, though, Facebook has been given credit for helping to revitalize chatbots.

This is especially true since So while the adoption of intelligent assistants and chatbots is growing at a colossal rate, contrary to popular belief and media hype, they’re actually nothing new.

We’ve had them for over fifty years in the Natural Language Processing community and they’re a great example of the core mission of NLP – programming computers to understand how humans communicate.

They’re at the center of a shift in how we communicate, so much so that they are central to the strategy and direction of major tech companies like Microsoft and Facebook.

According to Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, “Chatbots are the new apps”.

You can order by texting, tweeting, voice, or even from your car.

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The generally recognized first chatbot appeared as early as in 1966.The goal of these customer support chatbots is to quickly provide answers and address customer complaints, or simply track the status of an order. Most are pretty basic, though a few are designed to be a bit more fun.You can use these to ask about the current conditions in your area and find out whether you should bring the umbrella before you leave for work.They appeared mostly in chats like ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, and many of them were quite sophisticated already – they could update you on weather forecasting, be your private English language tutor or even offer you customer support to some extent.Even though some people think they went dormant for at least a decade until recently, in reality, chatbots have always been present.

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