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To open a command prompt as administrator in the repository's directory, do the following: Windows XP: Start - "Run as Administrator" You can also refer to the "Third-Party Hosts Managers" section for further recommended solutions from third parties. You can either reboot or run the following commands to manually flush your DNS cache once the new hosts file is in place.

Open a command prompt with administrator privileges and run this command: A high-quality source is defined here as one that is actively curated.

Installing it is fairly simple: download the installer somewhere on your hard disk; then open a terminal as a normal user if you want to install it just for yourself, or as super-user for a system-wide installation.In addition to updating the hosts file, it can also replace the existing hosts file, and reload the DNS cache.It goes without saying that in order for this to work, you must be connected to the internet.The aim of the game is to have robots racing one against the other, or to have you at the steering wheel racing against them—and, believe me, while some of them are quite "naive", there are others that are really hard to fight against.I first came across TORCS some two years ago, and I immediately liked it.

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