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First, your doctor will examine you to rule out pseudo-gynecomastia.

“What we call pseudo-gynecomastia occurs when someone is obese and simply has fat in that area without the gland actually being enlarged,” says Dr. If your doctor finds you have true gynecomastia — enlarged breast tissue in the glands that has a root medical cause — he or she will run tests to find the cause.

“While in no way did we intend to embarrass her, we did feel we had to address the issue.” He explained that the gym’s dress code requires members wear “modest athletic attire”, which did not include Ms Vecchio’s tank top.

Ms Vecchio has since canceled her gym membership at Movati.

RELATED: Men and the Breast Cancer Myth There are many possible causes of gynecomastia.

The bottom line is that something is reducing or blocking the male hormone testosterone.

However, this is not always the case with all pregnant women out there.

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“If tank tops are not allowed at the gym for me because of my chest size than all women should not be allowed to wear tank tops regardless of size,” she wrote. “[W]hen some members of our gym voiced complaints regarding Ms Vecchio’s attire as it made them feel uncomfortable and was seen as being contrary to our dress code policy our staff assessed the situation and spoke to [her],” said Ottawa area director Sean Whittal.

The breast size of ladies also differs from one another.

Some ladies have small breast where as others have bigger.

It shows a woman with large breasts and buttocks, the news agency reported, adding that the head and arms were less detailed.

Nicole Phoyu-Yedid, the head of cultural affairs in the area, told the news agency: “The discovery of this masterpiece is exceptional and internationally significant.”Archaeologist Clement Paris added that they had been expecting to find the usual “tooled flint or bones” at the Paleolithic dig site.

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