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West Virginia's specific laws on the Age of Consent can be found above.

If you engage in sexual activity with a minor who is under the West Virginia Age of Consent of 16, you can be prosecuted under West Virginia sexual abuse laws and charged with crimes ranging from sexual assault to first degree rape, regardless of whether or not the sexual acts were consensual.

This provision allows partners who are close in age, or both under the West Virginia age of consent, to engage in consensual sex without fear of prosecution under West Virginia age of consent regulations.

The age of consent is gender neutral and applies the same to both heterosexual and homosexual conduct.The Age of Consent is the age at which a person is deemed by West Virginia law to be capable of consenting to, and engaging in, sexual acts.Anyone who engages in sexual activity of any type with a partner under the applicable Age of Consent is breaking the law and can be charged with crimes ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony (statutory rape) depending on the jurisdiction in which they are prosecuted.Here's a quick introduction to legal age laws in West Virginia.Age of Majority in West Virginia States minor laws define the age at which a citizen is considered an adult in the eyes of the law, also known as the "age of majority." Although these laws can vary, West Virginia is like most states and has an age of majority of 18 years old, or 16 if you are married.

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