Polycom 330 updating initial configuration

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) so we’ll need to tell the phone to use an appropriate Dial Plan (nee Location Profile) because it’s not quite clever enough (yet) to determine what the logged-in user’s is.

Setting the Security Profile to Maximum during the Setup Wizard causes External Authentication to be enabled.

Doing so may result in some anomalous behavior such as audio coming out both the conference phone and HDX system. When the Polycom Stereo Surround setting is enabled on HDX 4000 series systems, audio might drop during a call that connects to a Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) through the Polycom Halo H.323 Meet-Me Service.

Polycom Halo H.323 Meet-Me Service users must disable the Enable Polycom Stereo Surround setting in HDX 4000 series systems by navigating to Admin Settings During multipoint video conference calls using the Lync Server, the video conference session might not completely disconnect when the Organizer disconnects from the conference.

The provisioning server is not a specific product or solution, it is basically just a centrally-accessible file store which contains certain files that the devices are programmed to look for.

The phones will look for specific firmware files to perform an upgrade/downgrade and will download and upload configuration data in XML files.

Also note that some of this guidance differs from instructions found in the official Polycom provisioning guides, most importantly the guidance to use a large number of parameters which no longer need to be defined for Lync interoperability as of the introduction of the Lync Base Profile. CX600) receive all of their provisioning information and software update packages directly from a Lync server. VVX400) do also receive a lot of information in-band from the Lync Server, UCS devices contain a variety of configurable parameters available outside of what the Lync Server can provide itself.

In this article a basic FTP server will be used but the phones also support the TFTP, HTTP, and HTTPS protocols.When a factory-reset device is first powered on it will check for specific DHCP Options that may be defined on the network which would provide a path to the provisioning server.Hello, I have a Swtichvox free setup, and I have it configured. However I can't seem to figure out how to add a Polycom IP3330?Could someone please provide me with some guidance on how to configure the phone for switchvox. I have configured a few other phones to work with our Switchvox server, but this Polycom IP 330 is still giving me trouble.When logged into the Soundpoint IP Configuration Gui and under the Sip page, I have: Under Outgoing Proxy: nothing Under Server 1: address=192.168.x.x, port=5060 Then under the Line Page under line 1 Information I have: Display Name=Adam, address=192.168.x.x, Auth User ID=8000, Auth Password=(password for extension 8000).

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