Roger bobb dating

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He is none other than the super talented producer Roger M. He is currently the president of a production company which is named as the Bobbcat Films.

He is also the CEO of that company and these sums up his success story.

So then, when we got to the house, and we were at the hotel, then I Take my wig off, and I take my make up off, that's when he decides to pop the question.

So, as long as he got there, I didn't mind the time. It's gonna be a destination- Wait, wait, going away? You know, do something special, get out of the city, you know, and just make sure that the people we really want there are gonna be there because some people won't be able to show up.

And while Kenya enjoyed this party, she wasn’t too pleased about Ne Ne Leakes ignoring her.

But as Moore explains, she doesn’t expect anything less from her co-stars, as they have never really taken the time to get to know her.

Not only did she go see Bobb behind Demetria’s back to hear his side of the story, but Kenya was also present when another woman confronted Demetria about the supposed affair.

Kenya Moore didn’t say whether she enjoyed the confrontation between Demetria and another woman over a single man, but she has revealed that she didn’t necessarily condemn Mc Kinney for getting up and leaving Kandi Burruss’ party behind after she learned of the news.

[LAUGH] [LAUGH] I've been involved with Roger off and on for going on ten years now, and so We were, I was opening for R Kelly in Detroit.

He has been a very lucky person after that as he had so many opportunities to work with legends that had written history with their wonderful work and has contributed so much to the industry.

star Kenya Moore may not have been one of the ladies Roger Bobb was accused of dating while he was calling Demetria Mc Kinney his lady, but Moore was eager to get the supposed cheating out in the open.

The bottom line is she and her beastly gang don’t want to like me.

Roger has only filmed a few scenes for the show, so for the most part, he simply remains a name that is linked to Demetria Mc Kinney.

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