Updating database vb scrappy and diamond dating

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So, for students and also for freelancers its essential that they must have full command over database, and in order to understand today’s post its also essential that you must read the previous two posts of this tutorial.

‘Now as our variables are in row 2 so they can access any value in row 2.

For updates or deletes, how can I identify which line on the datagrid I have updated or marked to be deleted?

After I have updated the data grid, how do I take all the data in the datagrid and send it to a new table in the same access database(not the same table is was populated with)?

So in this line of code, I just assign the Last Name to First Name.

I want to update images in the database but when i press the button it won't update , I don't have any errors on my code.

I am creating a windows form with vb to edit a mysql database.

Like in one of my project, I have designed a software for hotel management in which the data is coming from all the rooms wirelessly to the master room where the software is installed. Connection = uspatconnection Dim dt As New Data Table dt. My Sql Client Public Class form1 Dim dt As Data Table Dim da As My Sql Data Adapter Private Sub showdata_Click(By Val sender As System. I have a couple of questions about a project I am working on involving an access database and a windows form.I have an Access Database that is used to keep track of brokers commissions.

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