Updating firmware on macbook pro

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These firmware updates are effectively the same as a PC BIOS.

As a Mac user, there is nothing to manage or update at the BIOS level; it is controlled by Apple.

It has an original dual Intel Xenon dual-core CPUs, and I'm aiming to upgrade it to Intel Xenon X5355s and I already bought them.

I've read a lot about it online and some people say that they needed to upgrade the firmware.

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This is a basic method for fixing a firmware update that has problems, becomes corrupt, or, for any number of reasons, fails to complete.

This is a serious problem of chicken and [email protected] Gonçalves Since El Capitan is installed you can simply download an older system installer from the Apple App store provided they are in your purchase list and create an installer thumb drive.

Otherwise you have to use other "sources" to get older system installers (e.g. We like answers to be more than just a single line.

I really need this firmware upgrade, to get access to Apple's Internet Recovery system. Before doing anything, especially what's suggested in the answer provided by JMY1000, what EFI Firmware version does your Mac currently have installed?

See About EFI and SMC firmware updates for Intel-based Mac computers for how to [email protected] Gonçalves Sorry, I don't know. It should look similar to this: The latest Boot ROM version for your Mac Book Pro8,1 (Early 2011) is MBP81.0047. If you get the same versions the latest EFI updates are already installed.

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