Who is roma downey dating

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"It's a story of faith and of courage and I don't think that you have to be of Christian faith to enjoy this story.It's a broad story and we're excited that it's on broadcast," Downey told .My hope is that it will help them see just how wonderful God’s love really is.“It’s really, really sweet and wonderful and I enjoy lending my voice to it.” And that voice is so instantly recognizable. Although the cameras have stopped rolling and the crew has long since moved on, one of the actors refused to hang up her wings and has made the seamless transition from on-camera to real-life angel.

She has toured the United States with Dublin’s famous Abbey Players in a production of Roma Downey: It was pilot season of ‘94, and I was reading through endless junk scripts that were being sent my way. Because I’m a person of faith, the spiritual aspects got my attention.Typically the roles were to play his wife or his girlfriend—leading roles for women were few and far between. Also, the actress in me was delighted to read a show that had not one but two strong female roles—female angels.I was to audition for Monica, and I very much liked Della Reese, who of course ended up playing Tess. They’ll forget that I can do an American accent, and I’ll become the interesting alternative foreign choice for the casting of an American girl.” Suddenly the dialogue came off the page and came to life in a way that really lent itself to the lyricism of the brogue. I knew the role was going to be mine, and sure enough they made an offer.Jesus (Juan Pablo Di Pace) dies on the cross at the hands of the Romans, deserted by even his most loyal followers.Peter (Adam Levy) and the disciples are hunted by Temple authorities led by High Priest Caiaphas (Richard Coyle) and Roman soldiers under orders from Governor Pontius Pilate (Vincent Regan).

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